March 2023: Interior Design trends for 2023

We are in the third month of 2023!

Here is your 2023 guide to interior design trends.

Trend One: Color

Recently we have been seeing pops of color spring up in interiors. Color is showing up in bold places, walls, doors, rugs, couches, and lamps. Colors that will be in the spotlight this year are Greens, Gold, Pinks, reds, blues, and mauve.
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Trend Two: Bringing Nature Inside

Similar to the last couple of years, designers are combining interior design with the outdoors. This year we are seeing earth tones in floors and cabinets. High-gloss natural wood has taken over the space. Gray wood has been left in the past and we are seeing customers gravitate to products that are natural in color and more simple. The cross-sawn marks that took over the mid-2010s is no longer what customers are looking for. People are using plants, textures, and metals to bring a more earthy feel to their homes.
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Trend Three: Statement tile and countertops

There has been a rise in tile that has a lot of character to it. These tiles are being used in all applications such as floors, backsplashes, and showers. Tiles have also gotten bigger. Before, the standard size for a tile was 12”x12”. Now, they can be as big as 48” x110” which is close to 2' x 9’. The large veining and busyness are also making their way into countertops. White countertops with a gray vein are not cutting it like they used to. Customers are gravitating toward tops that have color and intricate designs.

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Trend Four: Patterns

Customers are now gravitating to carpets that have a low pile, and a big pattern. Patterns have been very popular in the last few years. Patterns can be made by adding texture to the carpet or by using color to create the pattern. Most customers who install hard surfaces in their home also purchase a rug. Rugs now feature bold colors to make a statement.