Design consultation FAQ


What is the role of a design consultant?

A design consultant acts as your 'right-hand man.' The consultant listens to your design ideas, offers suggestions, and gives practical advice based on years of experience in the flooring industry. Both of you work together to refine your ideas. Working with a professional assures that, after the work is done and the installers have left your home, your upgraded space looks even better than you imagined. The design team at Wenke Flooring can help you take your design ideas to the next level. We are a flooring company that has a showroom in Kalamazoo and Schoolcraft, Michigan.

Is interior design part of the consultation?

Our design consultants are trained in interior design; they know building codes, construction, local laws, space planning, textures, and other design elements. Consultants are proficient at selecting color schemes and styles. They know how to arrange furniture and other fixtures to achieve a satisfying look and optimum functionality. They can ‘start from scratch,’ or they can alter an existing design.



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What are the benefits of a design consultation?

A professional has an eye for detail and knows what design element to focus on during a home upgrade. With a laser focus on what you need, the consultant can likely save you time and money. Further, a design expert can help you avoid costly mistakes and find ways to keep you within your budget. This professional knows which flooring works best with your room decor and your lifestyle. Your project can only benefit from a professional touch.

What do I need to do before the consultation?

You will get the most out of your initial meeting with a design consultant if you organize your ideas. Look through the online catalog and note styles you like. You may have a 'maybe' or 'not' list. If a favorite flooring material has not worked out well in the past, a different brand may solve the problem. It's also possible that architectural limitations can be overcome. Budgeting is easy since a free in-home estimate is part of the consultation package.
Design consultation FAQ in Kalamazoo and Schoolcraft, MI from Wenke Flooring

Why choose Wenke Flooring?

Along with our design consultation service, family-owned Wenke Flooring offers flooring installation. Our experienced installation team may even be able to provide next-day service. We serve an area that includes Kalamazoo, MI, Schoolcraft, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Schoolcraft, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, and Schoolcraft, MI. We've been serving this area for over 40 years, so we have a long history of satisfying our customers' flooring needs. Please view our online catalog and then use our online chat service to schedule an appointment to meet one of our design consultants.