Colors are a wonderful way to express yourself and your fashion sense. If you are hesitant about bold or vivid colors, go with neutrals like one tone of warm cream in your area rug and another for walls and accent pillows. Warm colors like red and orange make a room feel cozy while blues and greens make for a light and airy space.

Borrow colors from your upholstery to coordinate rugs, pillows, and artwork or work from the floor up using a great area rug as a focal point and pulling colors and textures from it for upholstery and accessories. If you need to decorate over time, you will have a reference of color and texture from which to build your dream room. A few days invested up front in living with your selections can save money and heartache in the long run. Get a quart of paint and cover a portion of the wall. Tape fabrics and lay your rug up against it. Walk past your test area for a full day and see how it feels to be living with this color scheme. Watch for color shifts as light changes from early morning to evening. Hint: pure white ceilings tend to neutralize your color scheme. Painting the ceiling a subtle tint of your main color will actually compliment your color scheme.